Molecular biology laboratory techniques: sterile technique and manipulation of microorganism, preparation of DNA libraries, sub-cloning DNA into vectors, detection of specific DNA and RNA sequences with nucleic acid and immunochemical probes, and sequencing of DNA. Lecture and laboratory. Prerequisite or corequisite: BIOL (BCHM) 301.
Fall 2016

Molecular Biology Lab (LEC) - 10960 - BIOL 425/BCHM 503

2016 CSHL Neurobiology of Drosophila: Genes, Circuits & Behavior course

The three week course is designed to introduce students to a wide variety of topics and techniques, including the latest approaches for studying nervous system development, activity and connectivity, as well as complex behaviors and disease models.
Summer 2016

Topics in Behavioral Genetics - 12145 - BIOL 480C

Principles and advancement in behavioral genetics. Disscussion seminar with individual presentations and written grant proposal
Fall 2015
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