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Available positions

1. a postdoc - I am looking for a postdoc candidate with experience or strong enthusiasm to work with Drosophila, neurogenetics, learning & memory, behavior or imaging. If you are interested, email me, including your scientific plans, your CV and emails for three references.
Please, feel free to forward this posting to any eligible candidate.
2. graduate students - Students interested in persuing their PhD in neuroscience (molecular and cell biology program) are welcome to apply. Possible projects range from taste related learning and memory, regulation of feeding, food source selection, courtship behavior, functional Ca2+ imaging, optogenetic control of neuronal activity and behavior, controlled modulation of gene expression, and mapping of neuronal circuits. You will be using genetic, molecular and behavioral methods that you will learn in the lab. No previous experience is necessary. Email me, including whether you are already enroled in BU grad program or not, your interest in science and future goals and your CV.
3. undergraduates - I am interested in selected undergraduate students that want to have an intense experience with research. Students that are considering to later apply for a PhD program (at BU or other university) are especially welcome. I expect at least 16 hours devoted to lab but you will get the opportunity to present your work at meetings and have it published in a scientific journal.  No previous lab experience is necessary. Enthusiasm and dedication are expected. Email me your CV and a short summary of why you want to work in my lab.
Photos: Measuring fly courtship behavior in the lab. University campus. Waterfalls in the area.
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